Saturday, 6 June 2009

Increase Website Traffic With No Follow Social Bookmarking

'No follow' social bookmarking sites are not particularly useful for SEO. But you can generate a ton of traffic using 'no follow', yes 'no follow', social bookmarking sites

I was going through one of the social bookmarking sites I frequent and someone had sent me a shout. Well I get a ton of shouts everyday but this one caught my eye.

So I clicked on it and it was a link to the same story bookmarked on another site.

On finally reaching the page, which was a blog post submitted 3 days ago, I noticed it had received 500 visitors. And it was not a particularly useful or informative post.

'I wonder what sort of a backlinking strategy he has' I thought

So I fired up my backlink analysis software and.... Nothing. No backlinks.

'Golly! My backlink analysis software must not be working!'

So I did the Yahoo links query again nothing

On digging [no pun intended] further, It appears that most of his traffic seems to be coming from social bookmarking sites

The tip as mentioned in crucial tips for social bookmarking is the number of friends or followers you have.

Another tip which this chap seems to be using is one given by Jeff Johnson in his training lab which is 'bookmark your bookmarks'

Just another little tip on generating traffic to your sites


rammuny said...

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