Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bloggers Be Selective About Your Traffic Generating Campaigns

As a solo blogger it is difficult, in fact impossible to individually act on all the good ideas out there. Lets narrow it down to traffic generation
There are so many possible sources of good targeted traffic
And yet the majority of bloggers have problems generating traffic to your blogs.

We know that the methods work, and you are probably thinking 'Well if the methods work and I am implementing these methods, why am I not getting thousands of visitors to my blog a day?'
The fact that the sale of any 'increase website traffic' product is almost guaranteed some success is testament to this

The problem is each blog traffic method needs some investment of time and effort to have a significant impact on your day to day traffic
It really is not enough to have two articles here and a bunch of comments there and oh bookmarked on Digg as well.

Each of the methods mentioned above has the potential to send a torrent of traffic to your blog... if done well!

But it takes time and effort to do this
So as a solo blogger, if you are here there and everywhere, no wonder you are not getting the traffic you want

Identify a maximum of three traffic generating methods and focus on them.
  • Master them
  • Implement them
  • Tweak them
  • And analyze your results from them

You have to remember you will still be generating posts for your blog as well, so you really cannot afford to spread yourself too thin

Some methods of increasing blog traffic are
  • Search engine optimization - both on page and off page
  • Article marketing - Use article directories that do follow
  • Pay per click- but only if you are sure of your pages ability to convert
  • Forum participation - Don't spam them. Contribute useful information at the forums
  • Social networking -Again focus on networking sites that have groups in your niche and preferably have do follow links
  • Social Bookmarking - Build a huge reputation there and get momentum for your bookmarks

And most important post regularly

Again identify the three methods you think you can focus on and master and run with them

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