Friday, 19 June 2009

Sensible Reciprocal Links

So many link directories and other webmasters ask for evidence of their link on your site before they approve your link on their site

And that's okay

Personally, I do not do reciprocal linking. Just wanted to get that off my chest. I just think one way links are the gold standard so why go for anything less.

But some of you may believe in reciprocal links.

Or are just having difficulty getting free one way links. [Although I really do not understand why when there is article marketing, but never mind]

So if you feel you absolutely must engage in some reciprocal links, be sensible about it

Compare the PR of the page on their site to that of the link page on your site.
Seems simple doesn't it.

No point in getting a low PR link to your site from a directory that has no PR and then giving them a link from your PR 3 page.

I mean who is supposed to be befitting from who?

You can easily check the PR of any website linking to you using this software

Drop the duds

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