Thursday, 24 April 2008

SEO Digger User guide

Hi again,

Really this should have been on the previous post on SEO digger but you probably like your information in bite size portions

So here we are just going to delve a little deeper in SEO digger.

When you go to you have one of three option

  • Anonymous user of SEO digger: I'll save you time now and say, don't bother with this. Limited searches, limited number of links and very limited accuracy of results
  • Free SEO digger account: Highly recommended: You get a lot more searches and access to their large keyword database. Also the results are more accurate and you are given the option of saving your newly discovered keyword list as a worksheet
  • Premium SEO digger account: wouldn't bother with this unless you are a full time affiliate marketer or have loads of websites.

Some nomenclature on SEO digger.

SEO digger is pretty simple to use and the site is pretty self explanatory

WT means wordtracker

OT means Overture keyword suggestion tool

Have fun

SEO digger: An honest review

Hi guys,
Today we will talk about a tool that i use frequently and have found to be very helpful.

Now we all know how important keyword optimization, and keyword selection are. We go out, find a niche, research appropriate keywords and optimize our sites for those keywords. This is conscious search engine optimization.

As your website becomes bigger and your content more varied, you will find that your site ranks for keywords other than those chosen in your conscious SEO.

A lot of these keywords are low traffic and not worth pursuing but some of them are pure gold.

What you want to do is

  • Discover what those other keywords are that your webpages seem to make an appearance in the search engines for
  • Accurate assess what your search engine results page position for these 'new' keywords is
  • Determine how much traffic these keywords are generating in the search engines

Now if you find your website is position 22 for a high traffic keyword that you had not deliberately optimized for, what do you think will happen if you start generating backlinks to your site using the newly discovered keyword as your anchor?


But how do you get all this information.

There is a free tool at that allows you to do all this, at the click of a button.

There is the option of using seodigger as an anonymous user but results are more accurate if you register for an account. There is a free option and the premium upgrade.

Head over to, get your free account, type in your domain name into the search bar and start working on that list of keywords

Get busy

Till next time

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

$1995 Affiliate Marketing Products, The Real Deal?

So we have all seen them. The product that will definitely take your affiliate marketing business through the stratosphere. The $1995 products.

[We are just quoting $1995, there are the $995, $1450 you know, high end products]

Every affiliate marketer with an email list is promoting it. You open your inbox and you have 50 new emails all pushing the same product .

Wow, this must be the greatest affiliate training program ever , you think as you go through the extremely persuasive emails.

And as an affiliate marketing newbie you have probably kicked yourself because you just cannot afford to buy this product. But just a minute lets look at these super expensive products a little closer.

Why is everyone promoting them. It must be that they are really good products.

They probably are but take a moment to think about it. If I promote a $99 ebook for a 50% commission, I get about $50 per sale. Got to shift a lot of those e books to pay the bills.

If I promote a $1995 product, using every trick in my arsenal and only manage one sale.

What's that? The commission? About $1000. Now you are talking.

As you can see there is every reason why anybody promoting these products will extol it's virtues to the nth degree.

I am by no means saying these products are bad, in fact some of them are really good and worth much more than the high dollar tag they carry.

What I am saying though is next time your in box is full of emails all promoting the same high dollar product, pause for thought before whipping out the credit card

Till next time

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Title Takes It All, Decrease Website Traffic?

The title of this post may have you thoroughly confused but soon, all will be revealed.

We as affiliate marketers are always told to write attention grabbing titles for our blog posts, emails or articles. And we do try to use words like 'discover' and 'hot tips' and all those overused and under achieving buzz words

Imagine my reaction when I came across a post is a very popular seo blog titles 'How to get less search traffic'

Hey! In this world of affiliate marketing, where we are all scrambling for methods to increase our website's traffic, someone is actually trying to teach us how to decrease traffic. That's a new one

So in my mind I was thinking do nothing, stop building backlinks and presto, search engine traffic gone.

But I clicked on the mouse and read the post

You see, the author had captured my attention. I just had to read what he had to say. And every word I read as well. He was actually discussing something he had seen in a forum and because I was so intrigued by now, I went to the forum

It turns out that someone had craftily posted this question on a forum. As this was the title given to the thread of course anyone visiting the forums will see this title. And how many people have clicked on it? 235

The next topic down in the forum was about some method of generating traffic to your website and only has 93 viewings

When you actually read the post, the chap is trying to find out ways of increasing traffic to his website APART FROM search engine traffic. Slightly different discussion there right?

Goes to show you the importance of having an attention grabbing title

Till next time

Affiliate Marketing Buyers, Avoid This Scam

I just got an email that was rather upsetting.

It was a heads up from a fellow marketer warning me of a scam he has just uncovered.

It's one I have fallen for in the past and thought it was a genuine mistake on the affiliate merchant's part. But apparently I was wrong

The scam is this

You are offered an amazing affiliate marketing training package for a limited period for a ridiculously low amount, say $1.

So far, no scam. Affiliate marketing 'guru's' do these offers often. The hope is when you sign up for your trial period and have taken a peek into their membership program, you will be so impressed with the content that you will want a full membership.

But it would seem that some vendors have perverted this excellent system and are using it unethically

Now where the scam comes in is this.

When you sign up for some of these programs, you are also automatically signed up for their rather expensive newsletters. In my case it was a $99 per month newsletter. You then get the first installment free and are billed for further issues.

Why is this a scam? Well you never signed up for the newsletter in the first place. No one has the authority to set up a direct debit on your credit card or account details without you say so.

In my case I didn't realize what was going on for a few months.

Now I am not saying the £1 offers are bad, in fact in the majority of cases they are just as advertised, a $1 offer for a preview of a great affiliate marketing product.

But you have to watch out for the few scammers who are trying to use the one dollar offer to get your card details and automatically subscribe you to a junk newsletter at extortionate cost.

If you get a newsletter that you know you definitely did not subscribe to, Unsubscribe from their list immediately.

Till next time

Monday, 14 April 2008

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Watch as Derek builds an affiliate marketing website and takes it to profitability in just 4 days
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Monday, 7 April 2008

95% of Affiliate Marketers: No Failures, Just Quiters

You have read the statistic several times before. 95% of affiliate marketers fail at affiliate marketing.

So I started to think 'Why does this relatively simple business model work so well for some and not for others?'

What does the 5%, that make loads of money and live the life of luxury, have that everyone else doesn't?

With increased experience and some success in affiliate marketing, the answer came to me.

No-one fails at affiliate marketing? No-one does it right, ticks all the boxes, does all the website traffic generation, cloaks there links, builds a hyperresponsive e mail list and then fails to make some money. It just doesn't happen!!

So why do we come across so many people in the internet marketing forums who have 'failed' at affiliate marketing??


They quit the business before they have spent enough time and effort in building it

They quit thinking of ways to take their business forwards

They quit thinking about affiliate marketing as a real business and start treating it like a get rich quick scheme. [Or is that scam?]

They quit investing the hours of work everyday that is necessary to get their business off the ground

They quit on themselves before they make it happen

My question to you is


Give yourself a chance, get these free videos and learn a few tips that could help you take your affiliate marketing business forward

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Make Money Online, Make A dollar A Day

It's snowing today!!

The view from my window is amazing. The paddock is all white and the hill top is capped.

It is great to have the opportunity to live where the views are just simply amazing

The business of making money online is one that has the potential to allow you to pick and choose where you live. But you really need to work at your business to make it work

So how can you, the affiliate marketing newbie, get your business to the level where you can wake up to views like mine?

One step at a time and lots of dedication and hard work

First of all you must have reasonable expectations of your business.
If you are hoping to make a shed load of money overnight with minimal effort then you are mistaken. This business is not for you.

If you are not ready to put in the hours of hard work, then quit now.

Start with small targets. What? Small targets?

To start with build a niche targeted website and aim to make a dollar a day from the site in your first couple of weeks

A dollar a day? I hear you say.

Take a moment to think about it.

A dollar a day means $30 a month. This easily covers your hosting account cost and your domain name fees

So by just making a dollar a day, you break even. Nothing lost, anything from there on is pure profit
And it is relatively easy to make that amount of money, just with adsense alone

Once you have broken even, you can then up the ante and start driving hoards of traffic to your site.

Tweak it, add affiliate links where appropriate, improve it and soon you will be well beyond you dollar a day target.

Once you are regularly making an amount of money that equals your pay from your day job, you can choose to sac the boss, so to speak, or stay if your day job is your passion

Till next time

Friday, 4 April 2008

How Affiliate Marketing Works by Rosalind Gardner

Hi there,
So today I thought I would tell you about how I got started in the affiliate marketing business.

In the beginning, I realized the true potential of affiliate marketing but I also knew that to make affiliate marketing work for me, I had to get a good guide on affiliate marketing

Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of e books out there on affiliate marketing, but you will find that a lot of them are repetitive and only a few give you the tips you need to make this business work

I bought the superaffiliate handbook, amongst a bunch of other e books on how affiliate marketing works. And i will tell you some of the ebooks really sucked.

I was ready to throw in the towel and conclude that this affiliate marketing thing does not work.

I had printed out the handbook and one night couldn't sleep so i thought 'well this ought to send me off to sleep really quickly'

Boy was I wrong!! I stayed up all night reading Rosalind's handbook. Thank heavens it was a friday night as i was still then totally dependent on the income from my day job. [doesn't it suck when you have to toe the line because you need the job?]

The rest is as they say history.

I still do my day job, because i absolutely adore what i do, but no need to tip toe around people. I just go in, get on with looking after patients and go home. Knowing that have a healthy alternate stream of income has made my job rather enjoyable now.

Anyway here is a short video by Rosalind herself explaining how affiliate marketing works.

When you are done click the link below to view other videos by Rosalind Gardner

Click here for more Rosalind Gardner videos