Thursday, 24 April 2008

SEO Digger User guide

Hi again,

Really this should have been on the previous post on SEO digger but you probably like your information in bite size portions

So here we are just going to delve a little deeper in SEO digger.

When you go to you have one of three option

  • Anonymous user of SEO digger: I'll save you time now and say, don't bother with this. Limited searches, limited number of links and very limited accuracy of results
  • Free SEO digger account: Highly recommended: You get a lot more searches and access to their large keyword database. Also the results are more accurate and you are given the option of saving your newly discovered keyword list as a worksheet
  • Premium SEO digger account: wouldn't bother with this unless you are a full time affiliate marketer or have loads of websites.

Some nomenclature on SEO digger.

SEO digger is pretty simple to use and the site is pretty self explanatory

WT means wordtracker

OT means Overture keyword suggestion tool

Have fun

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