Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Title Takes It All, Decrease Website Traffic?

The title of this post may have you thoroughly confused but soon, all will be revealed.

We as affiliate marketers are always told to write attention grabbing titles for our blog posts, emails or articles. And we do try to use words like 'discover' and 'hot tips' and all those overused and under achieving buzz words

Imagine my reaction when I came across a post is a very popular seo blog titles 'How to get less search traffic'

Hey! In this world of affiliate marketing, where we are all scrambling for methods to increase our website's traffic, someone is actually trying to teach us how to decrease traffic. That's a new one

So in my mind I was thinking do nothing, stop building backlinks and presto, search engine traffic gone.

But I clicked on the mouse and read the post

You see, the author had captured my attention. I just had to read what he had to say. And every word I read as well. He was actually discussing something he had seen in a forum and because I was so intrigued by now, I went to the forum

It turns out that someone had craftily posted this question on a forum. As this was the title given to the thread of course anyone visiting the forums will see this title. And how many people have clicked on it? 235

The next topic down in the forum was about some method of generating traffic to your website and only has 93 viewings

When you actually read the post, the chap is trying to find out ways of increasing traffic to his website APART FROM search engine traffic. Slightly different discussion there right?

Goes to show you the importance of having an attention grabbing title

Till next time

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