Friday, 4 April 2008

How Affiliate Marketing Works by Rosalind Gardner

Hi there,
So today I thought I would tell you about how I got started in the affiliate marketing business.

In the beginning, I realized the true potential of affiliate marketing but I also knew that to make affiliate marketing work for me, I had to get a good guide on affiliate marketing

Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of e books out there on affiliate marketing, but you will find that a lot of them are repetitive and only a few give you the tips you need to make this business work

I bought the superaffiliate handbook, amongst a bunch of other e books on how affiliate marketing works. And i will tell you some of the ebooks really sucked.

I was ready to throw in the towel and conclude that this affiliate marketing thing does not work.

I had printed out the handbook and one night couldn't sleep so i thought 'well this ought to send me off to sleep really quickly'

Boy was I wrong!! I stayed up all night reading Rosalind's handbook. Thank heavens it was a friday night as i was still then totally dependent on the income from my day job. [doesn't it suck when you have to toe the line because you need the job?]

The rest is as they say history.

I still do my day job, because i absolutely adore what i do, but no need to tip toe around people. I just go in, get on with looking after patients and go home. Knowing that have a healthy alternate stream of income has made my job rather enjoyable now.

Anyway here is a short video by Rosalind herself explaining how affiliate marketing works.

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