Thursday, 29 November 2007

Top ways to promote your PLR products

So now you have decided to resell e books with PLR. Here are the ways you can go about marketing them

  1. Build a website: Build a niche targeted website and optimize it for the search engines. Put an attention grabbing sales pitch on your site. Make your pitch early enough to still have the attention of your visitors
  2. Build an optin email list and promote your products to it
  3. Write interesting, unique articles for article directories. Include a backlink to your sales page in your article
  4. Use adwords or some other form of PPC to advertise your sales page
  5. Use free advertising. Do a search for 'free classified ads' in Google. This will uncover a tonne of free cassified sites that you can post to.
  6. Write a viral free ebook, give it away for free and have links to your sales page in the free ebook

Don't forget. The crucial step to success on the internet is to TAKE ACTION!

Till next time

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Private Label Ebooks Rights - An Easy Way To Start Your Online Business

Ah! The American Dream. Writing an ebook that will sell lots of copies and make you rich. Millions of us have thought about this often but very few of us have actually sat down and put pen to paper. Why? Because writing an ebook takes time and effort.

The good news is you do not have to write your own ebook to make money selling ebooks.

What am I talking about. PLR ebooks!

PLR ebooks are ebooks that the author gives you the opportunity to label, alter, give away, do whatever you like with it. Even put your name on it.

The web is filled with loads of people selling PLR ebooks nut before you run out and burn your hard eaned cash.... a word of caution.


You need to find a market that is hungry for information, then go out and find ebooks with PLR that cater to that hungry market. This is the way to profit from PLR ebooks.

If you do not do your homework first, you will end up spending a lot of money on PLR ebooks that noone is interested in taking off you. Even if you were giving them away.

With an appropriate investment of time and effort and some know how, you could make a part time living from marketing ebooks with PLR rights.

To obtain ebooks with PLR rights, you need to do the following

  • Find someone who is selling ebooks with PLR rights in the niche you want to market to.

  • It is important to request samples or a copy of the e-book, what the cover says could be highly missleading with regards to the content of the book. You are going to market this book so it is imperative that you confirm that the content is of the quality your clients will be happy with.

  • You need to assertain that the ebook is marketable and in demand. Ebooks with private resale rights can be quite expensive so make every effort to ensure you do not end up with a dud.

Finally, you must remember that legitimate business opportunities take time and effort to result in a stream of income for you,. Do not expect to see overnight results.

For an indepth package on how to use PLR products and access to loads of PLR ebooks and articles click here

Next time we will talk about ways to market your PLR ebooks.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Affiliate Marketing Tips: Walk Before You Run

An affiliate marketing tip that you must know.

I was with one of my affiliate marketing students who was pretty excited that he was making some money from his first website. It is really a great feeling when you try something and find it works. Anyway he told me how he cannot wait to start his next site. In this post I will share with you the advice that I gave him

As an affiliate marketing newbie, it is easy to get over-excited when you make your first sale. But I say it is time to settle down and not get carried away.

Your first website is really your training website. You need to use this platform to learn all you can about making money online.

It is not enough to make a sale. You need to understand why you made that sale.

What brought that particular customer to your site? Why did they buy through you. Was it just a fluke or is it a result of a good pre-sell on your pages? It is only then that you can successfully duplicate your methods.

So the top affiliate marketing tip? Affiliate marketing is not just about making a sale, it is about understanding the exact reason why you made that sale. This is the key point to all your marketing training

Monday, 19 November 2007

PPC Advertising: What Exactly Is It?

As a follow up to my last post on Google payload and PPC advertising and arbitrage, I realized that some of the affiliate marketing newbies need a proper explanation of what PPC advertising is and how it applies to them.

PPC [Pay Per Click] is a popular advertising technique on the Internet. PPC Adverts are adverts placed on search engine results pages [SERPs], advertising networks and certain websites.

The ads are called pay per click because you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. You specify, when setting up your pay per click campaign, the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click

PPC adverts are typically in the form of text ads. The words of the ads are totally controlled by you and should contain keywords closely associated with your niche. These ads are then displayed when certain keywords, which you would have preselected when setting up your ad campaign, are typed into the search engine search bar. In Google, when you perform a search, the results displayed to the right side of the SERPs page under the heading 'sponsored links' are pay per click [PPC] ads.

The trick though is getting your ad to show up high on the sponsored results listings without paying a fortune

The PPC adverts are also placed on certain websites that are closely related to your chosen keywords. These are websites that the webmaster has applied for permission to display ads for a small part of the click amount. In Google, this is the adsense program

With regards to getting you PPC adverts on the SERPs to rank high, three factors are important
  • Bid Amount: This is the amount you are willing to pay per click. The higher your bid amount the higher you will be in the sponsored links results if all other factors remain equal. It is easy to get carried away with your bid prices. This is a sure way to lose money ultra fast!!
  • Relevancy: In the above statement I said 'if all things remain equal'. All things are not equal especially with regards to relevancy. The pay per click providers e.g Google adwords and Yahoo search marketing are quite strict about the wording of your ads being relevant to the page which you advert sends people to once they click. The less relevant, the higher the cost
  • Click through rate: If you have a well worded PPC advert that has a catchy headline and a high click through rate, the amount you will need to pay per click will be less than a similar ad with fewer clicks. That is the amount you pay per click is linked to the overall performance of your advert. The better it performs, the lower your cost per click

Advantages of pay per click advertising to the affiliate marketer include

  • Quick source of traffic to your website. If set up properly, a PPC advert can result in traffic to your site within an hour of setting up the campaign
  • Targeted traffic: Because your PPC advert is set up to show only for certain keywords, and as a result of the wording of your ad itself, you will only attract visitors who are interested in your niche. As a result, your conversions could be higher
  • Totally under your control how much you spend. You set your bid price, your daily budget and can even turn it off or pause it as you wish.

Disadvantages of PPC advertising

  • You need to know what you are doing to succeed at this
  • It is easy to lose alot of money doing PPC
  • Everyone is doing it so competition is tight

Having said all this, there are people making a decent income from PPC advertising, but you need to arm yourself with good training to join this group.

You can get a free course on The Google Adwords Pay Per Click program by clicking here

Friday, 16 November 2007

Learn Adsense and PPC Arbitrage with Google Payload

So, you all have heard about the new training system on Pay Per Click and adsense arbitrage.

And you are probably wondering whether this new product is the real deal or just hype

I'll cut to the chase

The new adsense arbitrage training program, ebook and videos totally rocks
Used it for 2 days and the results.. WOW

Every video is packed full with amazing information in a clear and easy to follow Style

This is definitely the definitive guide to pay per click arbitrage

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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Make Money with Private Label Rights Products

There are several ways in which you can make money with Private Label rights [PLR] products.
  • Use them as stand alone articles on your adsense monetized website i.e fresh content
  • Repackage them and sell them
  • Use them on article submission site to generate traffic to your opt in list or affiliate product

But word of caution. You need to realise that there are several forms of PLR and each form has it's own uses

  • Free Private Label Rights Articles: These are useful but with huge limitations. Whatever niche you are in, because these articles are free, everyone and his dog probably has a copy. Also I find that free PLR articles are more often than not below par or sometimes absolute rubbish. This does not make free PLR articles useless. Read them and use them as ideas for your own article writing. Look at the titles of the article. Usually these titles are contain hot keywords in your market. Look through the content, there may be some valuable bits of information in them. But never use them as is on your site. The quality is usually not good enough

  • Paid PLR Articles: These are usually of much better stock. You will find that the availability of them is quite limited especially with articles on the upper end of the price range. With these articles, it is often easy to tweak a few things here and there [just to avoid duplicate content and give the articles your own unique style] and post them on your blog or website. Try and find a product that you can link the article to and add your affiliate marketing link to it. Again because you have altered the article, your site will not be seen as having duplicate content. You can also get a bunch of these articles and package them together as an ebook. The ebook can be sold but a better use is to have this as an incentive to join your opt in list

  • PLR Ebooks: You can take individual sections of the ebook and rewrite them as stand alone articles for your website. Or redistribute your new article to the article submission site for traffic generation purposes. Always remember to include a link back to your site, opt in list or affiliate link. You can also use PLR books as parts of bonuses for visitors buying an affiliate product via your link. This is a very effective incentive. Another use of the PLR ebook is just use it to build your opt in list [the ebook in exchange for your visitor's email address.

A large collection of good PLR articles can be found here

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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Tips for Successful Blogging

Many people start a blog in a bid to make money online but very few people actually make a significant income. Many fall by the way side and through up their hands in exasperation. 'Blogging does not work!' they say but i am here to tell you that blogging is a very viable way of generating a residual income online. If you are of average intelligence, are willing to work hard and are persistent, then you too can make some money online using blogs.

Some tips to help you succeed

  • Treat your blog with respect. It is a part of your business so treat it as such. It is a business, not a make money overnight scheme or scam. A business needs to be nurtured to grow. It needs consistency and hard work to yield results. You will find many blogs online that have a period of intense, rapid posting and then nothing. You do not want to do this. What you want is to post to your blog regularly and consistently. Two areas in which this really is important are
  1. Search engine ranking. With good SEO, your blog can rank high in the search engines. But if the search engines come to your blog and do not find fresh content from time to time, your ranking will drop.

  2. Loss of traffic. Visitors will stop coming to your blog if they do not find new content. We live in an age when people are impatient and easily bored. You need to hold your audience's attention with fresh interesting content

  • Capture their email. Having an opt in form on your blog can be highly beneficial. You can send alerts to your email list when you post a new entry into your blog, or make sales pitches directly via email.

  • Generate traffic to your blog. Yes, Blogger blogs are indexed quite rapidly in Google, but you cannot depend on this for traffic. You need to actively generate traffic to your blog. It is so easy to get so involved in writing witty, informative posts on your blog, that you forget to get traffic to the site. Develop a robust traffic generation campaign for your blog.

  • Stick to it. It will take a few weeks or even months for you to notice a large amount of traffic and conversions on your blog. It can be disheartening to put in all those hours writing posts and building your traffic generating campaign and not seeing any money. Don't quit just before you reap your rewards. Remember, it is a business you are building and building a business takes time.

Till next time

Creating a blog is not enough

To continue our discussion of how to use blogs to generate traffic and generate income for you, it is important to note that it is not enough to just create a blog.

Since affiliate and Internet marketers have realized the power of blogging, blogs on all sorts of topics virtually litter the Internet.

The key to having a successful blog is two fold

  • Find a good niche. You need to be very diligent about your niche research. A still popular tool for assessing keywords is the overture keyword tool. Although the site is no longer updated, search results for January 2007 can still be viewed. Get a great niche and find your low hanging fruit.

  • The other factor is your unique selling point. The explosion in affiliate marketing has resulted in blogs in virtually every profitable niche. That means whatever niche you have uncovered probably already has a handful of blogs catering to it. You need to make your blog distinctive, have a unique selling point, USP. For Domino's pizza it's delivering hot pizza within 30 minutes, for DHL it's next day delivery before noon. You must have your own USP and deliver on that promise.

To find your own USP,

  • Look at other blogs in your niche. Try to find the missing key on those blogs and fill that hole on your blog
  • Let your blog reflect your personality and keep hat flair consistent in all your posts. Your visitors may just keep coming back because they like the way you write. Your style, so to speak

You also need to continually build and maintain your site. If you stop posting to your blog,

  • Your content becomes stale or ceases to be relevant
  • Your blog will lose ranking with the search engines

You must aim to build a blog that captures the interest and attention of your visitor. Make sure your content fulfils a need that your visitors may have.

Learn how to create a blog here

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Before you buy your next affiliate marketing software.

Before you buy your next software that is 'going to take you marketing business through the roof' you must consider this.

Is the software a complete program that does not need supporting information from other sources, or does your software require data off other peoples' programs to be effective?

Why is this important?

Consider for a moment the yahoo search marketing keyword suggestion tool. This has been put on hold and all results returned are from January 2007.

If you bought software that depends on up to the minute data from this keyword selection tool, how effective is your tool now.

Instead of giving you accurate current information, your software becomes a museum piece

Next time you want to buy software or some trail blazing tool, take a look under the bonnet before you buy

Some free Affiliate Marketing Resources

Till next time

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Blogging for profits

Blogging has really come of age and those who think blogging is dead are seriously mistaken.

If you are seriously into online marketing then you seriously need to consider setting up your own blog.

Setting up a blog is easy and is reasonably cheap or even free if you are using blogger.

Blogging is essential for the affiliate marketer because

  • Blogs, especially blogger, are spidered frequently by the search engine indexing robots. Some gurus claim that your content is more likely to be indexed early if it is on a blogger blog than on a traditional website
  • Blogs can act as a source of rank generating backlinks to your website. These links are on a different server to your site so they are valuable links
  • If your blog content is great, it will attract lots of visitors to your blog. You can divert some of these visitors to your marketing website via links. Blogger has a cool feature that allows you to paste a link to another website with every article you post.
  • You can monetize your blog by putting affiliate links or adsense blocks on it.

Using other people's blogs can also be a great source of traffic to your site. I must at this stage warn you to use other people's blogs respectfully i.e. do not spam them.

You can find blogs in your chosen niche by doing a Google search for 'keyword' blog. Obviously replace keyword with the search term for your niche.

Visit the blogs listed, read their posts and where you can, submit, useful and valuable comments on these posts. Always include a signature that has an anchor tag linking back to your site. The anchor tag should be your chosen keyword. Again, do not spam blogs. Always make sure your comments are valid and useful.

Yes some blogs have the no follow command, but they are still useful for generating human traffic.

The no follow command makes links unreadable to the search engine bots. This means that this link does not contribute to your search engine ranking.

However, human visitors can follow these links so do not under estimate their importance.

If your comments are insightful and have a unique tip, them naturally, human visitors will be curious to learn more from you and click to your website

To learn how to set up a blogger account in less than 10 minutes, click create blog