Sunday, 4 November 2007

Blogging for profits

Blogging has really come of age and those who think blogging is dead are seriously mistaken.

If you are seriously into online marketing then you seriously need to consider setting up your own blog.

Setting up a blog is easy and is reasonably cheap or even free if you are using blogger.

Blogging is essential for the affiliate marketer because

  • Blogs, especially blogger, are spidered frequently by the search engine indexing robots. Some gurus claim that your content is more likely to be indexed early if it is on a blogger blog than on a traditional website
  • Blogs can act as a source of rank generating backlinks to your website. These links are on a different server to your site so they are valuable links
  • If your blog content is great, it will attract lots of visitors to your blog. You can divert some of these visitors to your marketing website via links. Blogger has a cool feature that allows you to paste a link to another website with every article you post.
  • You can monetize your blog by putting affiliate links or adsense blocks on it.

Using other people's blogs can also be a great source of traffic to your site. I must at this stage warn you to use other people's blogs respectfully i.e. do not spam them.

You can find blogs in your chosen niche by doing a Google search for 'keyword' blog. Obviously replace keyword with the search term for your niche.

Visit the blogs listed, read their posts and where you can, submit, useful and valuable comments on these posts. Always include a signature that has an anchor tag linking back to your site. The anchor tag should be your chosen keyword. Again, do not spam blogs. Always make sure your comments are valid and useful.

Yes some blogs have the no follow command, but they are still useful for generating human traffic.

The no follow command makes links unreadable to the search engine bots. This means that this link does not contribute to your search engine ranking.

However, human visitors can follow these links so do not under estimate their importance.

If your comments are insightful and have a unique tip, them naturally, human visitors will be curious to learn more from you and click to your website

To learn how to set up a blogger account in less than 10 minutes, click create blog

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