Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Google Pagerank Update

Recently, Google is said to have had a pagerank update.

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Because of the importance of this news, I am posting this article instead of the previously advertized article on using blogs to generate traffic to your sites.

As you know, Google gives webpages a page rank of between 0 [low] and 10 [high] based on the relevance of that webpage and several other factors.

Periodically, google updates it's ranking algorithms of webpages indexed with them.

Rumoured all over the internet is that google has become more strict about allocating high page rank values to websites

Blog and webmasters have woken up to find their ranking has dropped by a few points.

From reports i have read by some of these webmasters, their traffic does not seem to be affected yet.

So what does this mean to you, the affiliate marketing entrepreneur?

The fact that you need to have multiple streams of traffic to your website cannot be more clearly demonstarted.

Yes, SEO and attaining good page rank are frightfully important, but you must have in your traffic generating armamentorium, other powerful traffic generating methods.

Getting backlinks to your website is a must do.

Now this may confuse you because we are lead to believe that the number of backlinks we have is responsible for the page rank Google awards our webpage.

Take a look at these two, pagerank 10, sites

  • Adobe Acrobat: PR 10; Backlinks >600,000
  • MIT lab for computer sciences: PR 10; Backlinks 4,200

[Source: search engine genie. Data date: July 2006]

The above shows that getting good pagerank is more complicated than just getting a ton of backlinks to your site.

However, backlinks are good especially with regards to

  • Search engine results page positioning
  • Sending human traffic to your site

I guess what I am saying is do not panic.

Google will update it's algorithms from time to time, but the effects of this is across the board, leaving a level playing field.

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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Website traffic generation

As an internet marketer, the lifeblood of your business is targeted traffic.

By targeted traffic is meant visitors to your website that are hungry for what you have to offer

There is no point in having a hundred visitors per day to your icecream website if what they really want is Tea. You may have one conversion but what hard work. Instead you need to get people to your site who are looking for what you have to offer. Even with the minimum sales pitch, your traffic conversions will be high.

The crucial question is how do you get targeted traffic to your site.

The honest truth is that there isn't any one method but a plethora of activities which all add up to massive targeted traffic.

I will list a few methods below.

Getting high ranking with the search engines. This can be achieved by good SEO and backlinks
Article marketing
Posting in Ezines
Pay per click
Viral marketing

The above are just a few methods that you should consider when trying to generate traffic to your affiliate marketing website.

I advise that you try more than one tehnique if you want to increase your traffic and sales.

Over the next few weeks, we will discuss in some detail each of the above techniques.

If you cannot wait till then and have a little cash to spend then i suggest getting this video series on generating traffic. It is simple to follow and i have used it with great success.

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Why Niche, Traffic, Sale?

This blog is for those who are in the online business of affiliate marketing.

The fundermental principles of affiliate marketing are

  • Find a profitable NICHE
  • Get an affiliate link for a product in your niche and drive TRAFFIC to that link
  • Make a SALE and get your commision.

It is that simple but is in no way easy.

This blog will give you, from time to time, some top affiliate tips and also will honestly review products in the affiliate marketing niche.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you should visit the Affiliate Marketing Introduction site. It is free to view and has tons of useful information.

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