Saturday, 19 July 2008

Some really useful directories to submit your sites to

Directory submissions is one way of getting backlinks to your niche marketing sites.

At the moment there is a lot of uncertainty about the advantages of directory submissions with regard to SEO i.e do follow backlinks.

My advice is that it does not take too long to submit to a handful of directories and it does not hurt your rankings so do it!

Also there is the possibility of getting human traffic from the directories to your site.

The directories listed below are free to submit to and also do not bombard you with unsolicited mail. One of my favorite. really good service It'll take for ever if it happens, but said to be liked by the big G Very quick turn around Another quick turn around Quick inclusion and email confirmation Another quick turn around with email confirmation

This is just a short list. But there are loads of directories out there you can submit your URL to. Just be careful that there are no hidden costs.

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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Niche Giveaway Live

Hi there,

Just a quick note to let you know that the second stage of the niche giveaway is now on

Loads of free downloads, some really useful.

Honest truth is there are some products that have shown up in virtually every other giveaway this season, but there are some good ones I haven't seen before

Get your free downloads here

For newbies I would say that these give aways are not to be sniffed at. They give you information on a wide range of aspects of affiliate marketing at no cost to you.

Nuff said

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Monday, 7 July 2008

How To Find Niche Do Follow Websites And Blogs

Hi there,

As webmasters, we are told to generate backlinks to our sites.

And not just any backlink will do, they should be from other websites in your niche or a similar niche.

The problem is some of these websites use the 'no follow' attribute. So how do you find sites that do follow

The reason you want to find these sites is because you are going to submit useful, informative and unique content to these sites. Either in the form of blog comments or as submitted articles

Before you use the resources I am going to reveal to you, I must inform you that spamming these sites will not do you any good, for several reasons

  1. The blogs tend to use comment moderation, especially the blogs that are worth getting backlinks from. So if you try to spam them, your comment will just not get published
  2. If you do manage to post some nonsense on the sites you discover, you will damage your reputation as a business and a tarnish takes a very long time to erase

Always ensure that the comments you submit are useful, on topic and contribute to the discussion.

Now to find niche do follow blogs use the following resources

  1. Dofollo
  2. Bumpzee
  3. Do follow diver
  4. Do follow Blog Search

Please use these resources ethically

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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Quick Tip For Monetizing Your Website


As an affiliate marketer, it's not always about the long term. You know the long courtship with your customers, endless freebies and tips in emails before making the sales pitch

Sometimes you just need to cut to the chase, show them what you,ve got and let them take it or leave it.

There are not many plans that you can do this with successfully

However I recently came across a video that teaches you how to make quick changes to your websites or blogs that could result in increased income to you.

Believe me, you'll be impressed.

You can watch the video by clicking on quick website profits


Saturday, 5 July 2008

Get Rich Quick Schemes Or Scams

Hi there

Was going throught the forums and blogs today just to see what news there is in the industry when i came across this on a high traffic blog

"I love a get rich quick system. Why? Because they always work !!"

I kinda did a double take. But i Thought it was probably a hook line and he will double back from this in the body of his post. But this affiliate marketing 'expert' stood very firmly by that statement. Did not really give any arguements for the statement, just made the assertion and went on to promote some casino sites

It really is shocking what people will say or do to make a buck online today

Get rich quick schemes do not work. Period.

Yes it may work for someone that your aunty's, hairdresser's, partner's baker's son overheard about on the subway but for the majority of people, they are money losing scams

Stick to a real business. Yes affiliate marketing takes time and effort but it is a busines model that works. Yes a lot of affiliates may complain that they are not making a ton of money but they all admit that they have made some money

The trick to affiliate marketing is just to keep working at it. Get better, get smater, build that list and eventually, you too will make some money

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Affiliate Marketing Beginners, Professionalism Is Everything

Hi there,
I was browsing the forums and blogs this morning when I came across a post that really got my attention

No it was not some secret way to make gazillions online, nothing of the sort

It was about a game company launching an affiliate program. Nothing exciting about that except that they state in their policy that 'No SEO allowed'


Did they mean SEO or something else?
Do they know what SEO means and how crucial it is to getting traffic via the search engines?

Anyway after much discussion it turns out that they made a mistake and SEO is allowed

A lame apology and red faces.

So am I going to jump on to the band wagon and promote this product. Of course not

The lesson is you must cross all your t's and dot all you i's BEFORE rolling out any campaign

No typos on your pages, no using of terms that you don't understand. no hype

Till next time