Saturday, 19 July 2008

Some really useful directories to submit your sites to

Directory submissions is one way of getting backlinks to your niche marketing sites.

At the moment there is a lot of uncertainty about the advantages of directory submissions with regard to SEO i.e do follow backlinks.

My advice is that it does not take too long to submit to a handful of directories and it does not hurt your rankings so do it!

Also there is the possibility of getting human traffic from the directories to your site.

The directories listed below are free to submit to and also do not bombard you with unsolicited mail. One of my favorite. really good service It'll take for ever if it happens, but said to be liked by the big G Very quick turn around Another quick turn around Quick inclusion and email confirmation Another quick turn around with email confirmation

This is just a short list. But there are loads of directories out there you can submit your URL to. Just be careful that there are no hidden costs.

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These directories are pretty useful & are clean from any penalty. I has used 01 , it was good web directory & I submitted & soon my business got listed. I was very satisfied with their services. I will also try out other directories that will be useful for me.