Monday, 7 July 2008

How To Find Niche Do Follow Websites And Blogs

Hi there,

As webmasters, we are told to generate backlinks to our sites.

And not just any backlink will do, they should be from other websites in your niche or a similar niche.

The problem is some of these websites use the 'no follow' attribute. So how do you find sites that do follow

The reason you want to find these sites is because you are going to submit useful, informative and unique content to these sites. Either in the form of blog comments or as submitted articles

Before you use the resources I am going to reveal to you, I must inform you that spamming these sites will not do you any good, for several reasons

  1. The blogs tend to use comment moderation, especially the blogs that are worth getting backlinks from. So if you try to spam them, your comment will just not get published
  2. If you do manage to post some nonsense on the sites you discover, you will damage your reputation as a business and a tarnish takes a very long time to erase

Always ensure that the comments you submit are useful, on topic and contribute to the discussion.

Now to find niche do follow blogs use the following resources

  1. Dofollo
  2. Bumpzee
  3. Do follow diver
  4. Do follow Blog Search

Please use these resources ethically

Till next time