Saturday, 5 July 2008

Get Rich Quick Schemes Or Scams

Hi there

Was going throught the forums and blogs today just to see what news there is in the industry when i came across this on a high traffic blog

"I love a get rich quick system. Why? Because they always work !!"

I kinda did a double take. But i Thought it was probably a hook line and he will double back from this in the body of his post. But this affiliate marketing 'expert' stood very firmly by that statement. Did not really give any arguements for the statement, just made the assertion and went on to promote some casino sites

It really is shocking what people will say or do to make a buck online today

Get rich quick schemes do not work. Period.

Yes it may work for someone that your aunty's, hairdresser's, partner's baker's son overheard about on the subway but for the majority of people, they are money losing scams

Stick to a real business. Yes affiliate marketing takes time and effort but it is a busines model that works. Yes a lot of affiliates may complain that they are not making a ton of money but they all admit that they have made some money

The trick to affiliate marketing is just to keep working at it. Get better, get smater, build that list and eventually, you too will make some money

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