Thursday, 3 July 2008

Affiliate Marketing Beginners, Professionalism Is Everything

Hi there,
I was browsing the forums and blogs this morning when I came across a post that really got my attention

No it was not some secret way to make gazillions online, nothing of the sort

It was about a game company launching an affiliate program. Nothing exciting about that except that they state in their policy that 'No SEO allowed'


Did they mean SEO or something else?
Do they know what SEO means and how crucial it is to getting traffic via the search engines?

Anyway after much discussion it turns out that they made a mistake and SEO is allowed

A lame apology and red faces.

So am I going to jump on to the band wagon and promote this product. Of course not

The lesson is you must cross all your t's and dot all you i's BEFORE rolling out any campaign

No typos on your pages, no using of terms that you don't understand. no hype

Till next time

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