Monday, 31 March 2008

Free one way backlink from authority site

Just came across this and knew i must share with you is a new site that gives you free one way links to your site.

Great site, free to register and graet backlinks to your site.

Enough said

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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Ebay's Clamp Down on Digital Products

Hi again,
Some interesting news just out.

Straight from the source, Ebay has announced that it is changing the way people sell digital products on Ebay. Digital products of course refers to e books and downloadable software.

Sellers will no longer be allowed to sell these products at auction.

Apparently, there is some issue about seller/buyer feedback which does not work when it comes to these products

Anyway, you can still advertise your digital products on Ebay but in the classified ads format.

Till next time

Sunday, 23 March 2008

10 Hot Tips To Increase Your Blogs Readership

It is not enough to post to your blog regularly and wait for the money to come in. You need to write posts that people will actually read

Some tips on generating blog content here

It is the words on your blog that leads to conversions.

Here are 10 top tips to help increase your readership

1. Unique, good quality content. You just have to make sure that what you post is accurate and of good quality. There just is no short cut to doing your diligent research before posting to your blog. Also make sure your posts are timely. Posting today about an event that happened 3 months ago and has gone cold, is not going to cut it. Be timely, engaging and informative.

2. Post regularly. There is just no excuse for allowing your blog to go stale. If possible, post everyday but if not at least once every two weeks. Yes I know there are affiliate marketing gurus that post maybe once a month to their blogs. But these are guys that have already established themselves. They can afford to keep us waiting for their next instalment because they know that when they post, We will come!!

3. The title of your post, and the keywords you optimize them for, are of fundamental importance. Keyword research is as important in blogging for profits as in traditional websites. I use this keyword tool. Get your keywords and make sure you apply some search engine optimization to each and every post

4.Do not neglect to use your RSS/Atom/XML feed. This allows your content to be syndicated to other sites, giving you greater reach. The blogger blogging platform allows you to do this easily.

5. Join a blogging community and interact with other bloggers. A great community is

6.Participate in other people's blogs, especially those related to your niche. Leave useful comments on them and offer feedback where appropriate. Use the opportunity to increase visibility for your blog by adding a link to your blog in your posts on other people's blogs, if permitted. Now make sure that your comments are useful and informative. Some website owners abuse this opportunity and spam other peoples blogs. This is despicable and is strenously discouraged.

7. Include a link, preferable using your keyword as the anchor text, in your email and forum signatures. This is easy and free advertisement for your blog. Everytime you send an email or post a useful comment on a forum, your little advert for your new blog is also displayed. This helps increase traffic and could also improve your ranking in the search engines.

8. Submit your blog to a handful of high traffic blog directories. I don't use directory submission software for this. Rather I hand submit my blogs to the individual directories.

Also I cannot see the benefit of submiting my blog to 100 low PR low traffic directories. My time could be better spent elsewhere. Just pick the few directories that have been proved to yield traffic and stick to them.

9. Article Marketing and Bum marketing. My favorite method of free website promotion. Second only to search engine optimization. Write articles that are related to your blog's niche and of good quality. Submit these articles to article sites. Remember to add your signature, with link embedded, at the end of each article. Again you do not need to use 100 article sites. I suggest and

10. Use an update service or ping service to let readers know your blog has been updated. Ping your blog everytime you add a new post. I use but there are loads of other good pinging services out there. The beautiful of pingomatic is it pings a lot of servers simultaneously.

The above tips should get you well on your way. It is important to recognize that you will not get a large number of loyal readers overnight. It takes time to build reputation.

Whatever you do, keep tweaking, learning and improving and you will soon see a large amount of loyal subscribers to your blog

Till next time

Sunday, 16 March 2008

AOL, Bebo And The Affiliate Marketer

By now you will have heard that AOL has bought Bebo, a social networking site.
So what does this all mean.

It just goes to show how important web 2 is now for the serious marketer.

Not many of us have the financial muscle to buy a social networking site. But this does not mean you cannot use these sites to improve your profile on the internet.

Web 2 is here to stay, so get with the program

Till next time

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Is Google Paying Webmasters Less Per Click?

Recently, a few blog owners and webmasters using adsense as a source of residual income on their sites have noted that their adsense revenue has dropped despite maintaining their visitor numbers.

Some webmasters are in a panic over this and there is a lesson in it for us all.

The concept of making a significant income online is one based on creating multiple streams of income.

You really cannot decide that you will only use adsense, or one affiliate program or whatever as your revenue source.

You need to have money trickling in from here and then some more from there and so forth.

So that if Google decides to reduce the amount of pay out per click on your adsense pages, you still have other channels bringing in the money and you will not be too bothered by the change.

It actually has not been confirmed that Google has reduced pay out per click.

Wow, what a lot of bother over an unconfirmed rumour

Till next time