Saturday, 8 March 2008

Is Google Paying Webmasters Less Per Click?

Recently, a few blog owners and webmasters using adsense as a source of residual income on their sites have noted that their adsense revenue has dropped despite maintaining their visitor numbers.

Some webmasters are in a panic over this and there is a lesson in it for us all.

The concept of making a significant income online is one based on creating multiple streams of income.

You really cannot decide that you will only use adsense, or one affiliate program or whatever as your revenue source.

You need to have money trickling in from here and then some more from there and so forth.

So that if Google decides to reduce the amount of pay out per click on your adsense pages, you still have other channels bringing in the money and you will not be too bothered by the change.

It actually has not been confirmed that Google has reduced pay out per click.

Wow, what a lot of bother over an unconfirmed rumour

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