Monday, 25 February 2008

The One Forum You Must Join As An Affiliate Marketer

So you are into affiliate marketing and have built your website. You are looking to increase your websites traffic and enhance your profile online.

If you have read my previous posts, you know by now that forum participation is a very viable option.

But not all forums are created equal. You have only 24 hours in the day so you need to use your time effectively.

The following criteria should be applied when choosing the forums you are going to register with

  • Niche specific. Your forums of choice should iseally be in the niche you are targeting
  • Large membership base. Obvious really. The higher the number of members, the greater the number of people that will come across your posts
  • Good search engine ranking
  • Backlinks. You want to participate in forums that allow you to have a signature that contains live links to your website. That is backlinks that do not have a 'no follow' tags
  • A few marketing experts as moderators

For one such forum follow this link.

If you can only join one forum then this forum is it

The link again

Till next time

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