Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Affiliate Marketing Tips: Keep Moving

Affiliate marketing newbies, this post is for you.

Perhaps you have been at it for a few months now, and are not yet making the income you dreamt of. So what do you do?

Do you through in the towel and tell yourself 'affiliate marketing does not work' or do you renew your resolve to make it work for you.

Now I don't know what niche or niches you are in but personal experience has taught me that this works

Affiliate Marketing Tip 1:The most important thing you can do as an affiliate marketer is to keep building your business. Keep working at it. The thing about working at building your business is that everything you do works together to bring some reputation to your site. You may not see immediate result, for example in the case of Search engine optimization, but the results will come. IF YOU KEEP WORKING. If you do not know about Search engine optimization click on On page search engine optimization , keyword optimization and Building website link popularity to learn more.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 2: Do one thing at a time. This is so important. So often affiliates are doing this and that and not really able to focus on any one thing. I advise that you take one thing, say search engine optimization, learn it, master it, apply it and see results from it before moving on to the next skill

Affiliate Marketing Tip 3: Learn as much as you can. There are many free training resources teaching different techniques in affiliate marketing. This Blog, Niche Traffic Sale is one such resource. Make use of these training sites, they are free to use and contain alot of really useful information. You need to keep learning and stay abreast with developments in this business. Another good training site is affiliate marketing guide for newbies which teaches the basics of affiliate marketing.

There are even free sites that give training in video format eg

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