Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Low Hanging Fruit

Definition of low hanging fruit.
The term low hanging fruit refers to a task that is easy to accomplish or a target that is easily achievable.

How does the concept of low hanging fruit apply to the affiliate or internet marketer?

In affiliate marketing, you are trying to promote a product so as to get a commission. Now it makes sense that the higher the cost of the product and the higher the percentage commission, the better your business will perform. But this does not always translate well to real term marketing forces. You see the higher the cost of a product, the more resistant your prospect is to get out their wallet.

Think about it, how much time do you spend deciding on buying a $10 ebook. You read the sales page, you like what you see and you buy. Heck, it's only $10. Now say you find a $3000 computer that you really like. You read the sales page, study all the features it has, read the after sales service and then..... shop around, think about it, discuss it with your spouse and maybe next year we will buy it.

Also in affiliate marketing it is tempting to go after those highly sought after products that everyone else is promoting. Again because of high competition, the prospects of making a sale are very slim. Enter the concept of low hanging fruit. These are products that are not highly marketed, probably not very popular, very niche specific and attract very little traffic. However those who want it, want it. The commission may not be high but the chances of you clinching the sale are higher

A few successful low hanging fruit campaigns may be all you need to make a decent living online

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