Thursday, 14 February 2008

How To Get Your Affiliate Marketing Articles Accepted By Article Directories

Previously we have gone over article marketing, bum marketing and how you can use these to increase traffic to your website.

But article marketing works only if you can get your articles accepted by the article directories

So how can you increase the chances of your articles being accepted with the article directories

Familiarise yourself with their rules: You need to read the terms of service of each and every directory you use. It is only then that you will understand the minor nuances that each directory has.

For example, does not accept articles that contain an affiliate link. Having said that is one of my favourite article directories. Article there are indexed quickly and the link to your website is not no follow so it contributes to your ranking. however allows you to include affiliate links in your article body or signature.

You will find that if you operate within the terms of service of the article directories, your articles will be accepted each and every time

Let's face it, the rules are not exactly draconian, they are pretty reasonable and it is probably because of these rules that article directories are still very useful for affiliate and internet marketers.

Article Structure: Structure your articles so that they are easy to read. Article directories do not like articles that are too long. Try and keep your article length less than 700 words. The flip side is that if your article is too short it will also get rejected. I find that my articles are 400 to 700 words long and have all been accepted by the article directories.

Also use white space. Single space between lines and double space between paragraphs

Keep the paragraphs short, three to four sentences and no more. This will increase the frequency with which your articles are actually read. You need readers to read your artilcle if you are to influence them to click on to your website.

In the same vain, use subheaders and bullet points where necessary. Don't over do it. Bullet points help break up you articles into easily digestable parts

SpellCheck: Very important. If your article contains typos or looks like you have cobbled it together using content generation software, it will not be accepted. Read your articl out loud to your self before submitting it to the article directory. Also use the spell check software on your computer. Microsoft word has a very good spellchecker. and also have a spellchecker

Hand submit your article: While this is not a must do, I highly recommend you hand submit your articles to the article directories. Some people use article submission software that will submit your article automatically to scores of article directories. I have no experience with this software and people that do claim to have some success with it.

Original articles: This is the most important point and somehow i left it till last. It is crucial that your articles are original. Either write your own articles yourself or pay someone to do it. Using PLR articles just will not do.

A great guide to article marketing and the bum marketing method can be found at

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