Friday, 8 February 2008

How To Increase Website Traffic Through Forum Participation

Back to our series on generating traffic to your website or blog.

Let us focus on forum participation. Here we will paint a few broad strokes on forum participation and in future posts we will go into the details of selecting which forums to post in and how to word your posts for maximum impact.

Forum participation has been around for a while. I will be the first person to tell you that this is not a new methos or a secret key.

Forum commenting is however a very useful method of
  • Building your reputation online: If your posts are full of useful information and if there are some little known titbits thrown in, you will fast get a reputation of being 'One in theknow'

  • Drive visitors to your website: Again if your comments are valid and informative, people will tend to click on to your website [don't forget to include a link in your signature] to find out more information from you

  • Increase website ranking: A large number of online forums have no follow links. These are bits of html code that tell the search engine spiders not to crawlyour link. [Applies to Google spiders, not sure if this applies to Yahoo or MSN] Some forums do not have no follow tags. This means that if you identify these forums and post to them with a backlink to your site [again please use an anchor tag!!], the link will contribute to your ranking in the search engines.

A good place to start is at this very popular forum with affiliate marketers. You will recognize some of the names of people posting in this forum. Do not feel intimidated, your point of view is also valid.

Click here to visit the site

By the way, they allow you to post adwords style ads for your website. The number of times your ad is displayed depends on the number of useful posts you make.

Please do not try to spam the site. You will be quickly kicked out if you do

The link again is

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