Monday, 25 February 2008

How To Find A Profitable Niche

You will hear many affiliate marketers in the affiliate marketing niche say that your niche should be an area that you are interested in or an area you are passionate about.

There is another and better way!

Find a hungry market and make that your niche.

I say it again, first find a hungry market then make this market your niche. This is the rough summary of how to discover lucrative niches.

The problem with plugging in to your passions is, in a lot of cases, you will end up trying to create a market that does not exist.

Yes you can eventually make some money from this and a very small handful of people have had phenomenal success with this, but the truth is for the majority, they are still hitting their heads against a brick wall.

Why do you think the statistic, 90% of affiliate marketers do not make a viable living online, comes from.

There are several ways to find a profitable market. This is beyond the scope of this post but watch out for later posts in which I will share some techniques with you.

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