Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bloggers, Work Smart Not Hard

It really is amazing how many bloggers are burning rubber out there. By that I mean they are working really hard but doing all the wrong things.

No wonder people think blogging for an income does not work

I was at a forum which I have been a member of for about three years and have about 60 posts on there.

Yeah, I know 60 posts for three years does not make me the most active member of the forum. And it is one of the more active webmaster forums.

I noticed something odd. A chap who had about 2000 posts for a one year membership declared his earnings. About $80 a month.


I don't know about you by $80 a month is not a lot of money, it's quite bad.

So why did this grab my attention?

This guy has done what he was told to do by the gurus, forum participation and he was actively participating as well.

But if you are going to post 2000 posts in a forum in one year...... Doesn't leave any time for much else.

See what I mean by working smart rather than hard.

Now I am not saying forum participation is bad, in fact it's a good thing and I get a fair amount of traffic from the forums. But you have got to be smart about it. Having one well thought out and relevant answer to someones question is going to go much further than lots of inanae posts. it's about the quality of the message not the quantity.

So if you are a marketer who is doing your own thing and not outsourced, try to focus on return on investment regarding time and effort. it'll help you decide how often you post in the forums and how much time you leave for other effective things like article marketing, social networking, product creation, content creation.... need I go on?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

About Buying Make Money Online Products

As affiliate marketers or internet marketers or professional bloggers, we are always, always looking out for the next big thing that will take our business up yet another level.

You know the new traffic generating software, or tutorial on how to quadruple your income in 5 minutes, or how to make x amount in a short time

There is an abundance of them on the web and honestly some of them have really useful tips. I bought a program recently and one tip in the first video I watched on that tutorial has helped me double the traffic to one of my sites.

Well it's not the tip actually, it's implementing it that worked.

I am getting off track here so back to the point. Some of the products out there are really useful and will help your business but the majority won't.

There is a proliferation of products by people who built the blog or website and could NOT make money from it.

So they thought 'Hang on, I can make money by making a tutorial on how to make money online'

???? Hang on a minute. You cannot make money online by affiliate marketing, adsense , whatever so you thought you'd make money by teaching people how to do that which you could not achieve. Hmmm

And people fall for it!!

So before you buy your next training videos or ebook, take a second to find out about the guy who wrote it

Till next time