Saturday, 10 November 2007

Tips for Successful Blogging

Many people start a blog in a bid to make money online but very few people actually make a significant income. Many fall by the way side and through up their hands in exasperation. 'Blogging does not work!' they say but i am here to tell you that blogging is a very viable way of generating a residual income online. If you are of average intelligence, are willing to work hard and are persistent, then you too can make some money online using blogs.

Some tips to help you succeed

  • Treat your blog with respect. It is a part of your business so treat it as such. It is a business, not a make money overnight scheme or scam. A business needs to be nurtured to grow. It needs consistency and hard work to yield results. You will find many blogs online that have a period of intense, rapid posting and then nothing. You do not want to do this. What you want is to post to your blog regularly and consistently. Two areas in which this really is important are
  1. Search engine ranking. With good SEO, your blog can rank high in the search engines. But if the search engines come to your blog and do not find fresh content from time to time, your ranking will drop.

  2. Loss of traffic. Visitors will stop coming to your blog if they do not find new content. We live in an age when people are impatient and easily bored. You need to hold your audience's attention with fresh interesting content

  • Capture their email. Having an opt in form on your blog can be highly beneficial. You can send alerts to your email list when you post a new entry into your blog, or make sales pitches directly via email.

  • Generate traffic to your blog. Yes, Blogger blogs are indexed quite rapidly in Google, but you cannot depend on this for traffic. You need to actively generate traffic to your blog. It is so easy to get so involved in writing witty, informative posts on your blog, that you forget to get traffic to the site. Develop a robust traffic generation campaign for your blog.

  • Stick to it. It will take a few weeks or even months for you to notice a large amount of traffic and conversions on your blog. It can be disheartening to put in all those hours writing posts and building your traffic generating campaign and not seeing any money. Don't quit just before you reap your rewards. Remember, it is a business you are building and building a business takes time.

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