Thursday, 15 November 2007

Make Money with Private Label Rights Products

There are several ways in which you can make money with Private Label rights [PLR] products.
  • Use them as stand alone articles on your adsense monetized website i.e fresh content
  • Repackage them and sell them
  • Use them on article submission site to generate traffic to your opt in list or affiliate product

But word of caution. You need to realise that there are several forms of PLR and each form has it's own uses

  • Free Private Label Rights Articles: These are useful but with huge limitations. Whatever niche you are in, because these articles are free, everyone and his dog probably has a copy. Also I find that free PLR articles are more often than not below par or sometimes absolute rubbish. This does not make free PLR articles useless. Read them and use them as ideas for your own article writing. Look at the titles of the article. Usually these titles are contain hot keywords in your market. Look through the content, there may be some valuable bits of information in them. But never use them as is on your site. The quality is usually not good enough

  • Paid PLR Articles: These are usually of much better stock. You will find that the availability of them is quite limited especially with articles on the upper end of the price range. With these articles, it is often easy to tweak a few things here and there [just to avoid duplicate content and give the articles your own unique style] and post them on your blog or website. Try and find a product that you can link the article to and add your affiliate marketing link to it. Again because you have altered the article, your site will not be seen as having duplicate content. You can also get a bunch of these articles and package them together as an ebook. The ebook can be sold but a better use is to have this as an incentive to join your opt in list

  • PLR Ebooks: You can take individual sections of the ebook and rewrite them as stand alone articles for your website. Or redistribute your new article to the article submission site for traffic generation purposes. Always remember to include a link back to your site, opt in list or affiliate link. You can also use PLR books as parts of bonuses for visitors buying an affiliate product via your link. This is a very effective incentive. Another use of the PLR ebook is just use it to build your opt in list [the ebook in exchange for your visitor's email address.

A large collection of good PLR articles can be found here

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