Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Affiliate Marketing Buyers, Avoid This Scam

I just got an email that was rather upsetting.

It was a heads up from a fellow marketer warning me of a scam he has just uncovered.

It's one I have fallen for in the past and thought it was a genuine mistake on the affiliate merchant's part. But apparently I was wrong

The scam is this

You are offered an amazing affiliate marketing training package for a limited period for a ridiculously low amount, say $1.

So far, no scam. Affiliate marketing 'guru's' do these offers often. The hope is when you sign up for your trial period and have taken a peek into their membership program, you will be so impressed with the content that you will want a full membership.

But it would seem that some vendors have perverted this excellent system and are using it unethically

Now where the scam comes in is this.

When you sign up for some of these programs, you are also automatically signed up for their rather expensive newsletters. In my case it was a $99 per month newsletter. You then get the first installment free and are billed for further issues.

Why is this a scam? Well you never signed up for the newsletter in the first place. No one has the authority to set up a direct debit on your credit card or account details without you say so.

In my case I didn't realize what was going on for a few months.

Now I am not saying the £1 offers are bad, in fact in the majority of cases they are just as advertised, a $1 offer for a preview of a great affiliate marketing product.

But you have to watch out for the few scammers who are trying to use the one dollar offer to get your card details and automatically subscribe you to a junk newsletter at extortionate cost.

If you get a newsletter that you know you definitely did not subscribe to, Unsubscribe from their list immediately.

Till next time

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