Monday, 7 April 2008

95% of Affiliate Marketers: No Failures, Just Quiters

You have read the statistic several times before. 95% of affiliate marketers fail at affiliate marketing.

So I started to think 'Why does this relatively simple business model work so well for some and not for others?'

What does the 5%, that make loads of money and live the life of luxury, have that everyone else doesn't?

With increased experience and some success in affiliate marketing, the answer came to me.

No-one fails at affiliate marketing? No-one does it right, ticks all the boxes, does all the website traffic generation, cloaks there links, builds a hyperresponsive e mail list and then fails to make some money. It just doesn't happen!!

So why do we come across so many people in the internet marketing forums who have 'failed' at affiliate marketing??


They quit the business before they have spent enough time and effort in building it

They quit thinking of ways to take their business forwards

They quit thinking about affiliate marketing as a real business and start treating it like a get rich quick scheme. [Or is that scam?]

They quit investing the hours of work everyday that is necessary to get their business off the ground

They quit on themselves before they make it happen

My question to you is


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