Thursday, 24 April 2008

SEO digger: An honest review

Hi guys,
Today we will talk about a tool that i use frequently and have found to be very helpful.

Now we all know how important keyword optimization, and keyword selection are. We go out, find a niche, research appropriate keywords and optimize our sites for those keywords. This is conscious search engine optimization.

As your website becomes bigger and your content more varied, you will find that your site ranks for keywords other than those chosen in your conscious SEO.

A lot of these keywords are low traffic and not worth pursuing but some of them are pure gold.

What you want to do is

  • Discover what those other keywords are that your webpages seem to make an appearance in the search engines for
  • Accurate assess what your search engine results page position for these 'new' keywords is
  • Determine how much traffic these keywords are generating in the search engines

Now if you find your website is position 22 for a high traffic keyword that you had not deliberately optimized for, what do you think will happen if you start generating backlinks to your site using the newly discovered keyword as your anchor?


But how do you get all this information.

There is a free tool at that allows you to do all this, at the click of a button.

There is the option of using seodigger as an anonymous user but results are more accurate if you register for an account. There is a free option and the premium upgrade.

Head over to, get your free account, type in your domain name into the search bar and start working on that list of keywords

Get busy

Till next time

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