Wednesday, 16 April 2008

$1995 Affiliate Marketing Products, The Real Deal?

So we have all seen them. The product that will definitely take your affiliate marketing business through the stratosphere. The $1995 products.

[We are just quoting $1995, there are the $995, $1450 you know, high end products]

Every affiliate marketer with an email list is promoting it. You open your inbox and you have 50 new emails all pushing the same product .

Wow, this must be the greatest affiliate training program ever , you think as you go through the extremely persuasive emails.

And as an affiliate marketing newbie you have probably kicked yourself because you just cannot afford to buy this product. But just a minute lets look at these super expensive products a little closer.

Why is everyone promoting them. It must be that they are really good products.

They probably are but take a moment to think about it. If I promote a $99 ebook for a 50% commission, I get about $50 per sale. Got to shift a lot of those e books to pay the bills.

If I promote a $1995 product, using every trick in my arsenal and only manage one sale.

What's that? The commission? About $1000. Now you are talking.

As you can see there is every reason why anybody promoting these products will extol it's virtues to the nth degree.

I am by no means saying these products are bad, in fact some of them are really good and worth much more than the high dollar tag they carry.

What I am saying though is next time your in box is full of emails all promoting the same high dollar product, pause for thought before whipping out the credit card

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Star Riley said...

Thanks for the post what many do not see is that any marketer making millions online sells high end products using a get it or you are lame.

I rather $7 script type luanches the value is also their, lets start applying what we learn from cheaper IM products as if it cost us a house or if our loved ones lives depended on our aplying it and lets see how many new wealth onlinee marketers we would have:-)