Saturday, 3 May 2008

Website Not Making Any Money


So if you have been following this blog since it started and have been applying the principles i have taught you, you should be making some money with your website by now, either with affiliate products or with adsense.

If you are not making enough money to offset the cost of your domain name and website hosting by now i.e 5 months down the line, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!! It's as simple as that really

So you have to think about your niche selection, website layout, SEO, adsense ad placement [by the way you can go to some adsense tips to get some basic information on adsense], traffic generation techniques, time and effort you invest and decide where you are going wrong

And fix it.

I have two students that joined me at about the same time. One was really motivated and worked on her website every single day, I know this because of the number of questions she had. The other, well lets say he was not so motivated. The first student has made enough money to cover the cost of any investments she made while learning, so now her business has cost her nothing and is putting money in her pocket. The other student, well I've stopped investing my time in him, because he does not seem to want to invest time and effort in his business.

The point of my story is this. think the biggest reason why some people do not succeed in affiliate marketing is because they lack the motivation, the drive to invest in the business every day, to keep learning and working at it till they get it right.

Till next time

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