Thursday, 15 May 2008

Writing A Winning Sales Pitch

With niche selection covered and traffic generation under your belt, the next thing you need to focus on as an internet marketer is increasing your website's conversions.

After all, traffic + No conversions = No income

Now to have conversions the content of your sales copy has to touch your reader in some way. It has got to be something that he or she can connect to

A few sales copy methods that work are

Address their anxieties: If you are marketing an internet marketing product, your prospects will probably have concerns about hype and false promises. So a good place to start is to acknowledge the hype in most marketing sales pitches and tell them why this one is an exception

Their Aspirations and beliefs: Whatever niche you are into, you need to research your market, find out their demographics and discover what the aspirations and beliefs of that particular market are. Then in your sales copy, address those aspirations and beliefs directly.

Success Stories: If you have a good success story in your chosen niche, then this could be great for your sales copy. Especially if it is along the lines of an ordinary day to day person achieving some desired effect by doing X, Y and Z. This has been very successfully and widely used in the affiliate marketing niche. And despite the wide spread use, it still manages to secure sales

That's it for now

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