Saturday, 27 June 2009

Ezinearticles, Traffic and Your Website 5

My posts on ezinearticles, traffic and your website walked you through how to write an article that is sure to attract clicks and get click throughs to the link in your biobox

By now you should have submitted a handful of articles to the article directory

So far I have left out one crucial step in how to maximize your articles' traffic puling power
And it's this

Promote your ezinearticles

This is crucial
Methods I suggest include

  • Social bookmarking.
  • Yahoo answers
  • RSS feeds. Yes, ezinearticles has RSS feeds which you can distribute to RSS directories. Start with these RSS directories
  • Forum signatures Here are some suggested Forums

That's it.

All the methods above are quick and easy to implement.

You'll notice I did not mention things like link exchange and press releases

The point of using these methods to promote your ezinearticles is you do not want to spend too much effort getting links to your articles. You should be investing that effort in getting links to your money pages

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