Sunday, 7 June 2009

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics First

So many people want to learn affiliate marketing. And looking at the plethora of affiliate marketing websites online, a lot of people are jumping right the deep end

A frequently quoted statistic is only 10% of affiliate marketers make a significant income online

10% is not very good. In fact it's bad

So how does a newbie affiliate marketer ensure that he or she is one of the 10%

By learning the basics of affiliate marketing, learning the basics well and implementing it

Let's be honest.

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science

The beauty of affiliate marketing is it's simplicity

  • You find a product that is good and has an affiliate program... Not difficult
  • You build a webpage that presells this product to your readers.... Not difficult
  • You get traffic to the page you built..... Well I admit, this one can be a little tricky
  • And you get some conversions

So why make things complex!!

Recently I had a conversation with a fellow marketer about how frustrated he was getting with this affiliate marketing thing
I asked him what he was doing and he said he was doing the mumbo jumbo method. I call it the mumbo jumbo method but the honest truth is I have not a clue what method he was using or what it is called.

Why complicate things?

We have a business method that works, just duplicate the basics

A link for you. Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics


TSK said...

yeah good info, I would like to start affiliate marketing through

ami said...

Several options open to you. Other networks include commission junction and linkshare.

I have had a look at axill and like their CPA option

Good luck