Saturday, 20 June 2009

Thinking of building your own link farm

So I was doing a little analysis of sites topping the search engines for certain keywords and noted that some of the adsense related keywords have some dud sites in position one in Google.

I mean really poor sites. No apparent layout, just words and images tossed onto a page. Content also seemed random and the design would make your eyes hurt.

So I set out to investigate how these sites got number one ranking

Thankfully I have SEO elite so I did a search for the sites linking back to one of the pages
The beauty of SEO elite is it tells you the pages linking back and also tells you what the page rank of those pages are.

And low and behold, the site in question has about 20 backlinks that were obviously by the owner of the page. oh and those linking sites also had poor content as well

Got me thinking though. There are loads of webmasters whose websites have really good content on the internet. How is it that this poorly written site gets number one position in Google.

It's about building link farms. A link farm is a series of websites that all interlink with each other and are set up for the purpose of providing an SEO boost for certain pages

Now if you are thinking of building your self a link farm, I'll tell you this for free.... It's not worth the effort

Because of the increased competition on the internet, webmasters are having to provide better and better content to keep visitors. This means that todays average internet user has come to expect a certain standard of content and design. What drives conversions is the quality of the content on your pages

So yes the webpage I explored is number one for his or her chosen adsense related keyword term. But I wonder what the conversions are.

Also link farms can get you banned, or at least thats what I read somewhere and am certainly not about to put it to the test


Colby said...

This is right! Lisa says it is better for them to link to you only. Is that right?

Joshua Chase said...

Very true, link farms come and go, page rankings go up and down, but good content will last forever and always be useful to someone.

sciborg73 said...

omg! I am new here but I love it. My buddy told me about it.I will definitely keep coming back.please keep up the great posts :))Whenever I can contribute something worthwhile I definitely will. Nice to meet everyone.

Anonymous said...

This article is little biased and doesn't cover all the aspects of link farm. from your article it is quite clear that you yourself don't completely understand what link farm is and how does it operate. Regarding the conversions, such sites don't want visitors to read their content, they want their visitors to either click on ads or just leave their site. If the site is on the top for specific keyword, it is obvious that the number of unique visitors he's getting will be high meaning conversions will be really good.