Sunday, 17 May 2009

Some Useful Affiliate Marketing Forums

This affiliate marketing forum post is mainly directed at newbies.

I remember when I first got into affiliate marketing, I was SOOO excited. I just wanted to talk about it all day long. Share ideas, sound off someone.

One of my friends got into affiliate marketing with me but lasted about 10 seconds. 'Seemed too difficult' apparently

So all this excitement and no one to share with

Till I discovered the affiliate marketing forums. Big day.

Now some of the forums are just areas full of spam, no useful information. Just people trying to get backlinks.

And at some forums.... well the big bad wolves are just waiting to jump and bite your head off when you say anything. Even hello!!

But I also found forums which were nurturing, full of really useful information and treated me with a little respect.

So I am sharing some of these forums with you here
Absolutely my favorite especially when I was a newbie. Well laid out. A ton of useful information. Allows you to have links in your signature. Don't know if the links are do follow but this forum is worth it's weight in gold

  • Warrior Forum Probably one of the most widely known affiliate marketing forums. A lot of really advanced affiliate marketers here.
Tend to offer warrior special offers on ebooks written by other members. Good source of information although the newbie may find some of it rather heavy going. Again a lot of information that you can learn from

  • Digital Point Forum Another pretty large and very busy Internet marketing forum. Loads of newbies here but also a lot of more experienced marketers who share advice. Backlinks allowed in signature.
There is also a market place at digital point forums for websites and services and all sorts of things Internet marketing related

Not as busy as the previous forum. Some big name marketers here. Useful for getting backlinks. Also allows you to write adwords style ads for your websites which are displayed on the forum. The more posts you have, the more your ads are displayed.

Not really an affiliate marketing forum. SEO chat is on the list of forums I visit most frequently. Great Search engine optimization advice. Allows backlinks in your signature. Only problem with this forum is a few of those big bad wolves lurk here

Hope you find these useful

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