Sunday, 3 May 2009

Higher Adsense Click Value

Highest paying AdSense keyword is a reasonable target for a lot of Internet marketers. Or is it?

Later I will add a list of the current highest payout AdSense keywords I could find

And you may wonder why share such a lucrative resource


Because I don't use it!

I know it seems sensible to build information sites based on these high paying AdSense keywords in a bid to increase your revenue from AdSense.

For example, a website based on a keyword like 'Chicago personal injury lawyer' could garner $40 or more for a single AdSense click, if the list is to be believed

Wow! $40.

Let's be more conservative and say $20. With that kind of site all you need is 5 clicks a day to make a reasonable income.

Problem is the competition to get high SERPs position for this keyword phrase is bound to be steep.

And we all know you need visitors to get clicks.

Let's take an average made for AdSense website with a click through rate of 5%. [This is a little generous. Most webmasters report a click through rate of 1 to 2% but we will use 5% for our little illustration]. This means to make your 5 clicks a day, you need 100 unique visitors to your site a day.

Now in itself, this is not a big ask

But fire up your google keyword suggestion tool, it shows that the month of March yielded a grand total of 140 for that keyword phrase.

And you can be certain that some of those will be webmasters like you and I doing keyword research

Not looking so favorable after all

So maybe going after these high payout AdSense keywords is not the best way forward for the average niche marketer

The compromise is to find a keyword that garners maybe a dollar a click but gets a ton of searches.

That makes for better return on investment of time spent in generating the website and optimizing it for the search engines

Well at least that's my experience

The list?

Not mine. I got it from a forum I participate in. The forum is

Till next time


Horacio said...

its hard to have 1 dollar per click, usually you gets between 2 and 20 cents... get a niche its good thing, usually best paying pages are in english, my webs are for latin america (in spanish) and there are not much competition.

ami said...

Hi Horacio. You are right. A lot of niches are less than one dollar a click. But There are some niches that have adsense ads that pay out 2 to 3 dollars a click. Now this is not the rule even in these niches. Depends really on how much the person placing the adwords ad is paying and if smart pricing is implemented

Squiki said...

I wanted to steer you guys in the right direction. Just because the competition on search engines is high for those keywords I would prefer $5 for one click than 8c! You can get high quality targeted traffic without search engines. It requires writing an article, spinning it and then posting it to 100s of blog sites. Also directories, commenting on posts, social network sites, blog carnivals. Yes it would be great if we got to top 10 for these keywords but search engines aren't the only way to get traffic. Hope this helps :)

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