Saturday, 30 May 2009

Display Adsense Below Blogger Post Title

Displaying your AdSense ads directly under the title of your blog posts, if you use the blogger platform, could increase the exposure of your AdSense ads.

The fact that AdSense ads placed in the hot spots on a web page get the greatest exposure to visitors should not be new to you.

So how can you display your AdSense ads just under the title of your blog post?

  • AdSense Code
    Log in to your AdSense account and generate the HTML code for the AdSense format you want to display under your blog post title

  • Encode AdSense Code.
    If you paste the AdSense code directly into the HTML code of you blogger template, you will get an error message and your AdSense ads will not display properly

    Why? Because blogger is in XML and the XML code needs the HTML code characters like <, > and & to be converted to entities for the code to be interpreted.

    To convert your AdSense HTML code to a format that will display properly on Blogger you need to use an HTML encoder. There are several available to use online, just perform a search engine query

  • Log in to your blogger account

  • In the dashboard click on the 'layout' tab

  • Once the layout has loaded, click on the 'Edit HTML' tab in the navigation

  • Back up your current template.

This is very important. You are about to edit the template of your blog and if you make a significant mistake you want your blog template available to reload
  • Click on the 'Expand Widget Templates' radio button and look for the following code

  • Paste your encoded AdSense code just beneath the code displayed above

  • You can preview your results before saving the new template

  • It really is that easy


ed said...

but adsense terms don't allow more than 3 adsense ads in one page, when you click on archives you get many more adsense ads in one page and they can ban you for that

ami said...

Thanks for your question. You'll notice that the adsense ad only shows up under the first three posts

But if it shows up on all the posts you can edit your template so that adsense only shows when individual post pages are loaded
I'll post a tutorial on this soon

Anonymous said...

Hey bud, thanks for the info... Just one question, does this comply with Google's TOS? Will doing this get you banned from the Adsense program, or is it safe?

Thanks a lot bud. :)

ami said...

Thanks for your question.

I can understand your concerns.

This blog does not teach anything that could get you banned.

If there is content that we think could compromise your business we would tell you.

This blog is about ethical marketing

About the adsense TOS, please visit

Anonymous said...

Hey bud, thanks for the answer. One more question, how did you get that "audio playback" to be placed right on top of your Adsense ad?

The reason I ask is because I wanted to place a banner right on top of my adsense ad just like you did with that "audio playback", and of course, keeping the ad and the banner underneath the title and on top of the blog post, like what you have.

Did you go to the "edit html" portion of the site, basically the main template, and install that audio code directly on top of the code for your adsense ad? Would it be possible to do that exact same thing with a banner?

If not, what did you do? A response would be much appreciated. Once again, thanks a lot. Love your blog.

ami said...

The audio icon is a widget that is available on blogger so no HTML coding required for it

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thank you brow <3