Monday, 11 May 2009

Stop Social Bookmarking Till You Have Read This

Social bookmarking sites are GREAT for traffic.

But so many niche affiliate marketers complain that they are not getting the ton of traffic expected when they bookmark their content

So what on earth could be wrong?

The power of social bookmarking lies in the number of friends that you have

'It is who you know that counts' is a true saying both offline and online

My suggestion?

When you join a bookmarking site, take a few weeks to make friends or followers or fans or whatever the relevant term is on the social bookmarking site you use BEFORE you start submitting your bookmarks.

Several reasons for this

The maximum number of bookmarks a post gets is usually soon after you submitted it i.e in the first few days. So when you bookmark your post, you want to ensure that it is visible to a large number of people i.e your friends, as soon as it is posted. Think about it, when last did you digg, tweet or sphinn a post that is more than a month old?

Pay It Forward.
If your posts are goods, your friends may share it with their friend ... more diggs, stumbles, etc. If you already have a large number of friends from your two weeks of active participation, then the chances of getting a few who will 'pay it forward' i.e share your bookmark are higher

Also when you do start bookmarking your content, do not submit every post on your blog. It just will turn people off. Choose your best posts. The ones that will draw people in. These are the posts you want bookmarked. They are the posts that will get the most diggs, stumbles, tweets and therefore draw attention to your site

Finally, bookmark other sites as well. By this I mean submit other sites as well. The more active bookmarkers, I have noticed tend to submit news stories, just to mix things up a bit

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