Saturday, 2 May 2009

Adsense Requires Work, Loads Of Work

I was browsing the forums a few days ago and had noted that my adense earnings were particularly low. So when I came across an adsense post, actually there is an abundance of adsense posts in the forums , but this one caught my eye.

The post ran along the lines of adsense doesn't work and is not worth doing.

I duly replied, cause you just feel compelled to when one of your major sources of income is being bad mouthed; and said something along the lines of

'Having a slow day today and have only had 100 adsense clicks but adsense does work'

Not sure how to interpret the response I got. Couldn't be sure of it was disbelief or sarcasm. Either way it was negative. The possibility of getting a hundred clicks on a slow day seems beyond the comprehension of this guy

And it got me thinking that in spite of all the experience and all the training material available on adsense [and some of it good, I might add] and even the wealth of free information on adsense, a large proportion of the make money online crowd going the adsense way are not making any money

A quick browse of the digital points forum adsense subforum has posts along the lines of

'Yeah, made $1.20 today'
A dollar and 20 cents!!!. Their time would be better spent doing manual labour for minimum wage.

I think the problem with adsense is a lot of us were led to believe that it is a quick and easy method of making money online

You know put up an info site of doubtful quality, slap some adsense code on it and .. Hey presto! Money by the bucket load

Problem is it doesn't quite work like that

Adsense takes work, a whole ton of work to get any decent returns from it

You know those thousand dollar per month checks?

Totally possible but you have just got to focus

Focus on quality content, Backlinks, networking, posting decent information, increasing site size, increasing site reach. Focus, Focus, Focus

I do this part time and now spend about 4 to 5 hours a day on my different projects.

So before anyone else complains about the lack of earnings from adsense, the question to ask yourself is 'have you given yourself a fair chance?'

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