Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Do Follow Link. What Exactly Is It

A lot of fuss made by Internet marketers about getting as many do follow links to your website as possible.

And these links are pretty valuable especially when you want to give your website an SEO boost in the search engines

So for the newbie, what are do follow links.

Do follow links are links from one website to another that can pass on a PR boost to the site they are linking to.

Let me clarify. If site 'A' is about 'SEO' and ranks well in the search engines for that term. And site 'A's webmaster posts a link to site 'B' .

If the link is a do follow link it means that when a search engine spider visits site 'A' and finds the link to site 'B', it can do all of the following

  • Follow the link to site 'B'
  • As a result crawl and index website 'B'
  • It will give some recognition to site 'B' as having something to do with 'SEO' ['SEO' being the keyword that site 'A' is about] This is the PR or link juice
  • This means that site B will have slightly higher relevance in the eyes of the search engines for the keyword 'SEO'
  • This could help site 'B' appear higher in the results page when a search for the keyword term 'SEO' is queried

No follow links on the other hand have the following properties.

  • No follow links link website 'A' to site 'B'
  • No follow links CAN be crawled by the google bot
  • No follow links however do not pass on any PR boost


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