Saturday, 4 October 2008

Websites Hacked

Website hacking is on the increase

For those of you who do not know what website hacking is the process of getting access illegally to the control panel of someone else's site
Most hackers in the affiliate marketing world are into it for
Emails: They want to get the emails on your opt in list
Redirects: mainly targets high traffic sites and sites that rank well in the search engines. The hacker enters your hosting account and sets a redirect to their site. This means that all the trffic that would normally come to your site goes to their site

You need to be alert to this and be ready to take action

First you need a traffic tracking. Google analytics is a good free one. Monitor your traffic on a daily basis
If you notice a sudden drop in your traffic, that is not typical of the niche you are in, get suspicious. Inspect the code of your pages for any string that looks suspicious. Go into your user account and make sure that no new scripts have been installed there

Google alerts: Set up a google alerts profile and use it to monitor queries that would trigger your URL. Google alerts will email you everytime your search term is queried in the search engines

Check your sites manually regularly

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Hacker Forums said...

Great tips. Don't forget to keep your blog software up-to-date as well. I've read stories on "I've been hacked, oh now!" but when viewing their blog version they are running and old version of their software.

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