Tuesday, 14 October 2008

No Follow Links. Any Benefit?

So the teaching is to try and get as many do follow backlinks to your websites as possible to improve your search engine performance and ultimately to increase website traffic

So does that mean that no follow backlinks are to be ignored?

Well, I was doing some backlink analysis on one of my smaller websites using SEO elite.

By the way SEO elite is one of the most useful analytic tools I have and has made a world of difference to my marketing career. You can check it out by clicking SEO elite.

I found that a website that generates about half of the daily traffic to this small site of mine has a no follow link to my site


But these links are not to be sort after.
They are supposed to be of no value to my SEO efforts

Ah!! No value to SEO does not mean no value for increasing website traffic.

So, by all means court the do follow backlinks to your websites

But do not snub the humble no follow link

Till next time

1 comment:

Emma Haller said...

well said!
I am upset to hear of so many seo strategies only including link building and not what i feel is the most important part:
1. optimising your website, making it very user friendly and accessible to all.
2. social media marketing, getting out there are speaking to the most important people in your business - your clients.

Thanks again for a good article

Emma Haller