Friday, 10 October 2008

Stumble Upon Verify User Email. Scam?

So today I got an email from 'stumbleupon' stating that I should click on a link to verify my account.

Don't know why but I thought the email was odd.

Perhaps because I have had a stumble upon account for a really long time now and asking for a user verification 1 year later just doesn't make sense

So I opened another Browser and logged into my account and there are no pending emails. Nor was there a verify your account message

So it is a SCAM!

So how do these people do this. Could it be that they just scrapped stumbleupon for user emails
Or is it my own email account that has been hacked

Either way, the message is BE ALERT. If it looks suspect, don't click it


Nico said...

I just got this e-mail today, too. No idea what's up with it. Have you heard any news since?

ami said...

Hi Nico'
I have done a thorough search and still have not got an answer to this
I am going to put a post in the Su forum see if anyone else got these emails

Marco Polo said...

Hi Guys,
Searched this topic since got same message few days ago and was suspicious.
So...scam for sure?