Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Ezine Articles And Keywords

Ezine articles is one of the article directories that I recommended for you to use for your Bum Marketing in a previous post

Ezine articles has just got better

When you submit your article to the ezine articles directory, if it is accepted, the article gets published.

The articles tend to get the greatest amount of traffic from people visiting ezine articles. Obviously for your article to get noticed, it needs to be on the front page of the ezine articles site or at least the category you have selected for your article

Unfortunately, because of the high volume of articles submitted every single day, most articles only stay on the front page of Ezinearticles for a few hours at best.

So is there another way to maximize your traffic from your article

A recent innovation in Ezine articles has made the answer to this question a definite yes

In the past, a small amount of traffic could find your article through the search engines, that is if you have a well written, search engine optimized article

But it is difficult to assess which keywords free search engine traffic is using to find your articles

Ezine articles has now included a keyword result to the authors tool kit.

This means that you can see exactly what keywords your articles' viewers have used to find your article

The bonus is you can then optimize the articles for the identified keywords and hopefully get more free search engine traffic through your search engine optimization efforts.

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