Monday, 27 October 2008

Where Long Tail Keywords Make More Sense

For search engine optimization purposes we are told to go after long tail keywords because they are easier to optimize our sites for and are less competitive

Apparently the big money is to be made in the primary keywords

This is true up to a point

As an internet marketer, you want traffic that is ready to buy, not just traffic.

You want the guys that are looking to solve whatever problem it is they have now.

The ones who have their credit cards in their hands

So when you think about it if a man wants to buy a sony laptop, does he type in 'sony laptops' in the search engines or does he type in 'buy sony laptop', or 'sony laptop deals' or 'Sony Laptop Outlet Online'

For a person wanting tips on article marketing, is it 'article marketing' or crucial article marketing tips or better still 'free article marketing tips'?

These are long tail keywords which may not get searched as often as our primary more competitive keywords but they attract traffic that converts.

And that is the key of success in affiliate or internet marketing. getting traffic that is targeted and looking to buy

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