Sunday, 5 October 2008

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

So How do you get traffic to your blog?
Lets dive in because there is quite a lot of ground to cover here

On blog factors to help increase blog traffic:

  • Post Often. You need to give the search engine spiders reason to come back to spider your blog and index your pages frequently. Post as often as possible. If you are a full time affiliate marketer then blogging daily should be your aim.

  • Create authority posts. Posts that are well researched and full of useful information. Make sure the layout of these posts is reader friendly. With a few good posts on your blog, you will soon find other webmasters linking to you

  • Try to stay focused with each post. This will help hold the attention of you visitors. General posts, talking about this and that, tend not to do as well as specific posts. For example this post is specifically about generating traffic to your blogs. There are no tangential ideas, no off topics. Stay focused.

  • Try to be keyword specific. Decide what keyword it is you want to target with each post and build your post around it. Don't use only that keyword but try to include other words that are similar or variations of the keyword.

  • Apply SEO. You must construct every post in your blog like you would a traditional webpage with regards to on page search engine optimization. Pay attention to your title, your keyword prominence and frequency, LSI and tags. If you are using a wordpress platform for your blog, get the all in one SEO plugin

  • Allow Comments. No matter how great the content on a blog is, I just tend not to come back if they have a no comments policy. I find that in blogs, a lot of useful information can be found in the comments. Sometimes more useful than the post itself. Also comments help to generate more content for your blog. More content generally means more search engine spider food.

Off Page factor to help increase blog traffic:

  • RSS feeds.Submit your RSS feeds to feeds directories

  • Ping. Ping every post. Pinging is the process of letting servers know that you have new content on your blog. Once pinged, directories and sites that have your RSS feed on them get updated with your new content. A good pinging service, one that I use is

  • Submit to blog directories. Use variations of the keyword you want your blog to rank for as the title of your submission. Don't use the same title for all your submissions. Vary things a little. Most directories will use the title as the anchor link to your site. Now not all directories have do follow links so not all of them will contribute to your SEO efforts. But humans use directories as well and you can get direct human traffic this way.

  • Bookmark your posts using social bookmarking sites like , technorati and digg. Also if it will not clutter your page, put a button for a few of these bookmarking sites on your blog. That way other people can bookmark your posts too

  • Generate backlinks using article submissions and forum participation. Use anchor text in your links . Again the anchor text should include your keywords and variations of your keywords

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Rebecca said...

Thank you. I found this very helpful and easy to read.

ami said...

Thanks Rebecca. Glad it is of help
All the best with your blog