Saturday, 4 October 2008

Thank You Coleen, American Airlines

So I recently flew to San Diego on a work do with American Airlines

Work sponsored gig so it was 'cattle class' better known as Economy

For those of you who have never had the 'privilege of flying economy, the seats are small and leg room, hmmm, what leg room?

And the tiny little TV screens, don't even go there

And yet when I got back home I had the most unbelievable feeling of having had a great flight


Because of Coleen.

Coleen is a flight attendant with a difference. Talk about customer relations, the girl has got it to an art form

I don't know where American airlines got her from but they really need to hold on to this chic

So how does this relate to affiliate marketing?

It is all about the little things. A little attention to detail. A smile, a pillow, a toothbrush offered just when you need it

Marketing as an affiliate is not about putting up as many ads as possible on your sites, there are loads of websites doing exactly that and not making any significant amount of money

It is about building relations.
Making your site visitors comfortable with you.
Making the majority of your email marketing be informative rather than a sales pitch
Offering useful freebies in your promos

So what airline will I be travelling with when I next fly abroad

You guessed it, American airline

Thank you Coleen

Till next time

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