Saturday, 25 October 2008

Value of A Blog

It's funny how we all hop online and start building our blogs for the purposes of
  • Driving traffic to our websites
  • Promoting some product or the other

But something in the news recently made me stop and think.

We forget the value of the property itself, I mean, how much is the blog worth

I am not talking about the silly piece of software that you put on your site and it proudly proclaims the dollar value of your blog.

By the way, you can get the code to put that particular tool on your website from technorati.

I confess I do not put much stock in the tool because, it's estimate of the value of your blog depends on whether your blog has been submitted to technorati or not

The value of a blog should be based on

Age. The longer a blog has remained active online, the more likely it is to have u to date and useful content

Number of posts. A blog with a post every day should intrinsically have a higher value than the two posts a month blogs, surely

Quality of the content. I suppose this can only be infered from the number of backlinks a blog has and the amount of traffic it generates
I mean how much in cold cash can you actually get from it.

Authority. Again the backlinks thing [ by the way visit search engine optimization using backlinks for a breakdown on backlinks and authority]

So to get back on topic, what is the true value of your blog. What amount of cash can you expect if you put it up for sale today

Looking at the examples of
  • Bankoholic which is said to have sold for 15 million [ and it is rumoured to have been a one man operation!! If he or she can do it, well so can you. Or Me for that matter!

  • One man's goal which I understand went for a modest $10000

Just makes you understand the true maening of the term, virtual real estate

Till next time


MU Fans said...

My blog's worth is $564.54. I'm very satisfied about that worth.

Colby said...

How do you find how much your blog is worth?

ami said...

Websiteoutlook is one site that could help colby