Sunday, 7 September 2008

Daily Schedule For The Affiliate Marketing Newbie

As an affiliate marketing beginner, it is too easy to get overwhelmed by the large and varied amount of tasks to accomplish

And it is, oh so easy to spend countless hours in front of the computer just churning smoke i.e no useful activity.

Here is a recommended schedule to help you structure your activities especially with regards to search engine optimization

Directory submissions: Aim to submit to 5 new directories everyday. % because with all the other daily activities you have to do, 5 is a good aim without compromising quality. Don't run out and submit to 50 directories in one day. It will just raise flags with the search engines and you will get labeled a spammer

Blog Commenting: Find 20 blogs that have DO Follow attribute in their comment links and post USEFUL comments including a link to your site. "0 comments on the same blog will not do. It has to be 20 different blogs and don't forget to vary your anchor text.

Blog commenting is actually a double advantage because while reading the posts you are commenting on, you will learn a heck of a lot about your niche

Forum Participation: 5 authority forums in your niche is really all it takes. Always structure your signature first, using anchor text to link to your site. Aim to post about 5 comments every day in each of your forums. Post useful comments and make sure you stay on topic. Remember, the forums are a place to build your reputation as well so keep the comments useful

Blog Posts: If you do not have a blog you need to start one NOW. Got to how to create a blogger blog and learn how to set up a free blog there. Then set up your blog today. Not tomorrow, not later now.

Aim to add a post at least once a week to your blog, but you really should be aiming for daily posts

[In this I fall short, but you have to remember I only market part time and am still able to post on a fairly regular basis]

Edit your Website: You must review your website on a daily basis and try to improve the content. You can add new content, post a freebie whatever. Improving your money site or building a new site in a new niche is something you must consider on a daily basis

You will find that doing the activities above on a daily basis will soon have a significant effect on the amount of traffic coming to your websites

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